Advertising Projects

The following are mockups I've done for advertising courses at Loyola University, such as "Ad Copywriting"

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Print Ads

For this assignment, I was tasked with creating two new advertisements for a "client " which focused on communicating something specific (and positive) about my client's products or services, one using COPY ONLY and one combining all elements of a print ad. My mission was to identify one or more qualities about my client that I wanted to emphasize through my advertising messages. 

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Radio Scripts

For this assignment, I created two radio advertisement scripts for my chosen "client." My goal was to catch the attention of my target market, and communicate some specific information about my "client."  

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TV Scripts

My goal was to write two Television Advertising scripts which help communicate an objective that I identified for my "client," utilizing two different ad formats.


Online Ads

For this project I created a series of online ads for my "client" to be used on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify, which were designed not only to provide information about the product but also to encourage my audience to click on the button redirecting them to my client's website.